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The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic supports the creation of the Museum of Water in Bishkek

Protection of water resources is one of the strategic objectives of Kyrgyzstan and all Central Asian states. Today, awareness of efficient and sustainable ways of using water, protection of water ecosystems is important for everyone!

Since 2012, the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme in Kyrgyzstan supports the creation of the Museum of Water, based in one of the largest universities in the country – Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, which trains future farmers, hydraulic engineers, hydropower engineers, etc. Public Association AKMENA was the initiator of the museum creation in year 2011.

The Museum of Water  is a practical science museum for children and adults, where playing helps one learn about such important things as the unique properties of water, the problems of its wasteful use, the new "green" water-efficient technologies and much more.

In 2012, the creation of the museum was started from scratch. The problem is that the “Water” building of KNAU, previously known to all Central Asian states, where students carried out large-scale practical and laboratory work, was closed for about 10 years with no water supply or heating due to no financial support.

Currently, the GEF Small Grants Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic has managed to combine the efforts and financial contributions of many partners – Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry of the Kyrgyz Republic, State Agency for Vocational Education at the ministry of Labour, Employment and Migration of the Kyrgyz Republic, Department of Water Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other organizations – as part of the initiative on the creation of the museum.

This allowed for the repair of the roof, restoration of heating, supply of water, glazing, and cosmetic repair of the building. The reconstruction of the museum contributed to the “water” building – the students and teachers hope it can restore its former glory.

Currently, there are finishing works launched in the Museum of Water. It is planned that the museum will have interactive stands in such domains as: The role of water on the planet; Water circulation in nature; Agriculture and irrigation; Water and health; Installation of treatment facilities; Advanced water-efficient technologies; Water in the traditions and culture of Central Asia nations, etc.

The official opening of the museum took place on June 7, 2013 in honour of the 80th anniversary of Kyrgyz National Agrarian University. The museum will be opened to the general public this autumn, in September, in celebration of the new academic year.

Access to the Museum of Water will be provided not only to the students and teachers of the Agricultural University, but also to the general public – Bishkek residents and visitors. Interactive stands will be designed for both adults and children.

The Museum of Water was opened due to the collected funds and combined efforts. However, we need your help and support to implement the initiative.

We will be glad to every new partnership and cooperation!

Evgenia Postnova

National Coordinator of the GEF Small Grants Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic

Date: June 7, 2013 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Photo – Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Education of Kyrgyzstan

formally open the museum