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Bel Zhan

  • Понедельник, 22 Август 2016 12:41

Project «Preservation of sea buckthorn bushes on the territory of 3,5 hectares of the shores of Issyk-Kul in the villages Grigorievka and Korumdu through the creation of public microreserve and greenhouse to grow thornless buckthorn, eco-complex for its processing and implementation of eco-certification scheme».

Grantee -  Public Foundation “Bel Zhan”

1. Local Project Management Committee was established.

2. Presentations of the project in Grigorievka and Korumdu villages were conducted.

3. A greenhouse for growing thornless buckthorn on the basis of eсo-сompleх of PF "Bel-Zhan" was created.

4. A demonstration area of environmental technology - water purification system and solar water heating collector (on the base of PF "Bel-Zhan"’s eco-complex) was created.

5. Eco-exhibition about sea buckthorn bushes was created on the base of the Museum of “Issyk-Kul” biosphere territory.